The creative return of 旋林Rowens this month brings a soulful jazz-pop single of trembling vocal realism, retro keys and bossa nova rhythms. The melodically nostalgic Old Photo presents a catchy yet calming progression, and relays a lyrical poem exploring the impermanence of love.

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Absolutely brilliant, in short – genuine in style and intent, unafraid to maintain its sense of artistry and purity despite the distractions and filler or hype expectations of the current industry. Even Keel displays a much-needed level of humanity, an anti-AI embrace that reminds listeners of the unmatched power of soulful creative expression.

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Boasting over a million plays across nearly two-dozen original singles, LA-based Joseph Rutakangwa has carved out an impressive niche within modern music, the likes of Avani and I Am Meant For you building further upon a naturally distinct and evocative style.

For the new release, Joseph returns to the poetic reflections and optimism of his earliest work, and in the process gifts listeners a feeling of positivity, self-belief, and lasting calm.

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