It’s no easy feat for an artist to simply sit with an acoustic guitar & captivate an audience with his words & melodies. Will Adams seems to achieve this every time though. This album is one that calms you down to the point of deep thought & genuine self awareness.


Jamel Myles’ story has been told here in an open and painful manner, which is really the only way to tell it – and it needs to be told if we are ever to see the end of this hatred and evil at the core of bullying and prejudice


It would be foolish to assume any one thing about Barber’s sound based off of a few passing moments. His approach to music is refreshingly free, loving, and thoughtful – this breathes life into an already entrancing & enjoyable soundscape.


A song that rings like an acoustic moment from The Eagles. It has an immediately familiar feel, but the words are brand new – the story-line is fascinating but accessible; the details we remember from the heights of happiness & sadness equally.