Driving under the label of ethnic country music, Lost Highways bring together elements of country, folk, and middle Eastern musicianship throughout their releases, often taking on classic songs & throwing their own energy & style into the process. 


David SweetLow brings together a gentle folk sound & a well-traveled perspective on this single Lean On Me. There’s an immediately delicate warmth to the track, the acoustic guitar picking & SweetLow’s near-whispered, smooth & heartfelt vocals walk hand-in-hand.

FolkFolk PopSongwriter

Make sure to find the time to listen to this EP in full. Carl Lorusso Jr. has that special something that music fans have missed lately – this organic, soulful, natural ability to embrace & entrance the listener. Feeling all at once familiar & fresh, the songs brighten your view of modern music & remind you of the wonder that still well & truly exists. 


Inches From Sin write and perform from the heart, so regardless of genre, it’s a song that connects in a natural, believable way. Furthermore, though the topic is clearly personal & unique in story-line to the songwriters, it’s presented here in a somewhat vague, widely accessible manner.


As a songwriter, Palko paints a picture from his own meandering viewpoint – telling stories but always still seeming reflective & personal in his presentation of them. His experience as an artist & musician is clear, and this, his ninth studio album, is one that’s easily worth the time it takes to experience. 

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It’s no easy feat for an artist to simply sit with an acoustic guitar & captivate an audience with his words & melodies. Will Adams seems to achieve this every time though. This album is one that calms you down to the point of deep thought & genuine self awareness.


Jamel Myles’ story has been told here in an open and painful manner, which is really the only way to tell it – and it needs to be told if we are ever to see the end of this hatred and evil at the core of bullying and prejudice