The big-band sound of folk rock and pop shines brightly, alongside a welcomed touch of intimacy in the breathy vocal-lead and traditional acoustic folk verses. Swedish songwriter SATRE delivers an uplifting to euphoric anthem in poetic celebration of love, with homebound.

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bert. balances scorn and even cursing with clear optimism and poetic colour, and the result is a strangely intoxicating, simple yet striking song, which again proves a memorable highlight from this uniquely compelling album.

If ever the word original should feel completely at ease alongside an independent artist, bert. deserves that title, and the songwriting is wonderful to match.

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Built upon a softly evolving soundscape of delicate fragments and a shifting beat, the song captivates for Ole’s poetic and intimate reflections on life and love united. The voice is a key aspect in holding attention well, and while the song is something of a slow-burner, that’s purely to say that it begins as a lovely listen, and progresses to become quite stunning.

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Creativity on top form – a song that masters the space between the comfortingly familiar and the outright unexpected. Artist and performer Lauralie drives with cascading layers of melody and mystique, throughout this revealing yet modest ode to an unnamed subject of admiration.

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