The wait is over… Having enjoyed numerous singles and live clips from this band over the past twelve months, it’s an absolute joy to see how far they’ve come, and to finally hear a longer project and experience their songs and their sound by means of a more extensive playlist. Spectra is the brand new … Continued

DanceEDMHip HopPopProducerRnBSoul

The energy varies throughout, in keeping with the changing lyrics, and though this evolution is subtle, it works well to keep things moving; to keep you interested, and to keep a level of colour and creativity at the heart of the journey.


Leading with a soulful vocal, a moment of quiet expression, followed by a powerful and immersive build-up towards the mighty drop of the hook, Your Love effectively walks the line between pop and EDM – bringing together fans of both worlds.


Possibly a personal favourite from Witz so far, Heartbeat Faster is a brilliantly smooth and nineties-soaked pop-EDM offering, which drives with a mellow synth progression and a distant, subtly soulful vocal.


It connects for its purity, for the changing level of passion in the voice, and for the skillful way in which the soundscape reflects and reinforces all of this. Beautiful.