The sort of dance track you’d hear from across the field at a festival, that would unite everyone in a moment of sheer bliss. A pleasure to stumble upon and I look forward to a few re-plays over the coming months.


Following on from a string of impressive releases, Go showcases the undeniable sound of the artist by means of a quickly entrancing, uplifting soundscape, and a song that holds close to its own heartfelt, ambitious and motivational intentions; right the way through. 


newkidsdj takes inspiration from the dawn of EDM with this latest release. Compiling five original soundscapes, each one a beautiful and energizing journey in itself, the EP Sentiments is precisely the nostalgic yet exciting playlist classic dance fans have likely been craving. 


DeeCiii leads with a laid-back sense of rhythm and optimism on this latest single, offering up the blissful good vibes of a delicately crafted soundscape, along with a string of calming vocals and a clear sense of intention and character.


What works well about the completed piece is the way the music builds and builds throughout – beginning with a simple, piano-led moment of purity, rising up into the full embrace of dance as certain playful instrumental breaks pave the way.