Already known for the creatively unpredictable appeal of his original tracks, Evoke hits the scene with greater impact than ever this season, for the launch of a new single and coinciding YouTube video series exploring the results of employing Artificial Intelligence as an artist manager.

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An outright dance anthem with a welcomed twist of creative identity, Breathe makes fine use of long-form retro synth melodies and lyrical poetry all at once – a combination gifted all the more poignant humanity thanks to the clearly emotive rasp and devotion of our leading vocalist.


Featuring an instantly likable leading riff, blending melancholic twists and turns with a high-energy and fearlessly creative backdrop and beat, Let’s Go Go Go Go Dance DJ is far from the purely explosive implications of its title, and instead showcases an artistically uninhibited approach to production and song structure.


Threads of nostalgia draw in even the most hard-tuned old school ravers, before ambient twists of oriental melody and calming synths balance out proceedings. Introducing an addictively all-consuming audio deep-dive…