Quite possibly his finest arrangement to date, the anthemic intentions and overall finish of Stand Up help make this a fiercely motivational indie gem – an alt-metal track with a catchy rhythm, memorable hook, and generally inspiring edge of passion and purpose to it.

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Introducing an evocative pop-rock anthem, one that soulfully embraces listeners when they’re feeling at their most disconnected – the latest project from Abhi Ananda is the rock outfit Almost Citizen, and New Day is the sublime and refreshingly humble new single.

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The album as an artform, true rock as a force of undying escapism, plus lyrical sensitivity – it’s a rare combination, but Edge have captured the essence of all of this, with the superb new album Latency, Vol. 1.

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“It’s almost impossible to write a song that you’re willing to sing over and over forever, but some
songs just feel right and every time you play it you get this tingly magical feeling; like there’s some
strange power in the chords that were chosen, and they way they were played was just meant to

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