Gold Face does well to go his own way and let the beat and the lyricism pour through in a natural fashion. A bold new single in itself – it will be interesting to see where else the music takes him. 


That build up and drop to the hook is immense – an absolute must for pop and EDM fans far and wide. A hint of nostalgia helps give this a soulful edge that’s a pleasure to stumble upon.


The band prompt their audience to open their minds, and the music paves the way for this really well. Every Human is an exciting EP and one that highlights Jaenki as a name to look out for over the coming months and years.

Alt PopEDMTrip-Hop

Classic dance music in the depth of the night is the blanket under which this kind of release naturally settles. As always, there are flickers of inspiration from across the globe, not least of all shown through the vocal fragments that are in Zulu – these are actually the names of spices, a quirky nod to the track’s title and underlying concept.


Flying high with the single Zoom Zoom, this four-track EP of the same name sees indie pop artist Vincent Barrea soar with both his songwriting and his characterful performance style. The single itself kicks off the project and drives with a spacious yet colourful pop feel, great rhythm and a cool yet quickly engaging melody fall down … Continued