Skilfully compressed so that it’s pulsing, thumping and breathing, the mix of Right Direction is an ultra-modern triumph, with a streamlined focus: a driving thrust that carries the listener right through to the track’s sudden denouement.

EDMPopPop Dance

Evolving from blissfully delicate beginnings, through softly soulful vocals and a bold, beautiful sense of rising anticipation – COY Swede’s Lose Heart is the uplifting, heartfelt hit of EDM-pop fusion 2020 has been waiting for.


Repeat listens reveals a thoughtful episodic structure lashed together with a chugging 80s heart that allows modern yet dramatic vocals to flutter and shimmer high above. It’s fun, and also comes across as strangely sincere in its unabashed openness and primary-colour aesthetic.

80sDanceEDMPop Dance

Not only is the vocal talent and versatility clear, but the writing reflects the late-night thoughts and concerns of many of us, and the music follows its own notably artistic, unpredictable pathways.


The accompanying visuals suit the changing mood of the track perfectly well – these colors being thrown around at the blank white canvas of a wall seems to pair up beautifully with the inner conflict and honest expression at the heart of the song.