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The act of collecting is evidently about seeking out and contacting those with autographs or cards that you’re missing or desire, and so the stories behind the process and indeed the subsequent state of many of the autographs, is what helps give the show entertainment value. Undeniably one of a kind right now, an interesting show to listen in on. 

Employing shimmering guitars, driving rhythms, and densely-layered harmonies that sound as though they originated on Earth but returned to our planet drenched in space dust from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, mercvrial takes the listener on an immensely rewarding journey back to the golden era of independent British pop whence labels like Creation, Imaginary, and Factory produced an epic volume of high-quality left-of-center music.

Despite the seemingly niche nature of the show, it’s actually incredibly relevant and widely accessible to anyone with an interest in bettering their work situation, their family life, or taking the plunge and building something from scratch that officially lines up with their dreams and ambitions.

Expect entertainment, openness, and more than a few pearls of wisdom along the way. The host’s intrigue and his authentic interest and questions help open the floor to some brilliantly insightful discussions.

If you’re attempting to break free of corporate clutches and go your own way, Blueprint Of A Side Hustler will help make you feel less alone on that journey – as well as providing actionable advice that’s likely to get things moving along a little more effectively.

The Health & Wellness Connection makes for an educational podcast that’s incredibly informative but also widely relatable, leading with an articulate and knowledgeable approach, taking otherwise complex and somewhat overwhelming statistics and presenting them in a much simpler, clearer fashion.

The show feels like spending time with friends – talking movies, TV, declaring writing mishaps & how things could have been. An easy backdrop to your day, or an added hit of escapism when you’re short of people to rant or rave about the latest releases with.

While there’s a definite backbone of sport and Jiu-Jitsu to much of the show, at no point does this become anything less than a bridge between those who simply wish to discuss the deeply human trials and tribulations we all seem to go through.

We jumped head-first into the overflowing world of indie hip hop to select for you only the very best of the best. Hip Hop – The Re-Awakening – Over six hours of independent rap artists currently working hard at their craft.