Movies covered so far include The Invisible Man, JoJo Rabbit, Parasite, Birds Of Prey, Sonic The Hedgehog, Uncut Gems, and plenty more. Given that fiction and films are more our savior now than ever, there’s never been a better time to join the discussion.

From professionalism to essential creative tips, Video Production Daily touches on all of the crucial topics, and makes clear the building blocks required in order to feel more capable and optimistic about making videos.

Actively sidestepping the media’s coverage of the pandemic, this is front-line insight from those who are physically and mentally enveloped in the crisis as and when it’s happening.

Professionally crafted and faultlessly focused on the topics at hand, Mike Brown’s 3P Theory is a uniquely intentional, informative podcast, designed to help shed light on sustainability issues within the commercial building sector.

A topical and simultaneously spiritual podcast already in its prime, professionally blending the issues facing our society with a backbone of faith and the teachings of the bible, Plenteous Redemption succeeds in being one of a kind right now.