Owl Green has crafted a catchy classic with this release, refreshing for its clarity and openness, infectious for its pop-like rhythm and colour and its clever use of melody.

Hip HopPop

JayJay hits the scene with a smooth hit, initially leading with soulful softness, soon switching gears to become an equally laid-back yet slightly more energising and confident take on contemporary hip hop and alt-pop.

Hip HopPopRnB

Unafraid of being true to himself, showing both weakness and strength in his story, and exploring a variety of different creative realms, J-Carter’s depth of tone and his smooth yet passionate delivery make for threads of consistency throughout this free-flowing project.

Hip Hop

Bringing together a crisp and classic hip hop sound, with a deeply conscious and topically relevant rap backbone, Abel Meri’s new four-track EP speaks volumes on behalf of both the talent and turmoil that stand tall in 2020.

Hip Hop