“All of my albums are autobiographical in a sense, and as I get deeper into creating ambient music, I get deeper into illuminating my own conditioned ego, and its resulting triggers, buttons and defenses, understanding the effects of trauma I have experienced, so I can witness my own inner pain and hurt with clarity, and begin to nurture and heal it.”

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Returning to start off the new year with a beautifully complex yet pure of heart new project, composer and producer Darren J Harris delivers the superb new album Beyond; reminding listeners of precisely the soul and contemplative wonder that his approach brings to ambient music. We were blessed with the opportunity to catch up with … Continued


Lifelong creative composer and musician Darren J Harris explores the depths of the human experience and consciousness in a delicate and purposeful manner, throughout his superb and profoundly moving new album Beautiful Heart. We were blessed with the chance to interview the artist behind the project, to find out more about the journey that led … Continued

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