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Vic – Bout That Life

The realness is a massive part of it all, and when you fuse it with those good vibes embedded in the music, it’s a winning combination.

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Eye’z – Go For It

There’s a delightful bit of soul featured throughout, fused in with a whole lot of everything that is modern and new about chilled out electronic music

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Tiko – ELMT

The creative freedom is vast & relentless, and the result is something that consistently surprises and seduces you, further and further at every turn.

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Tito Herrera – Urban Invasion, LA

The best music showcase in LA this April. An array of independent artists come together for an unmissable day of live music.

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Tolu Salako – Bloom

Bloom is the soulful new EP from Tolu Salako; it’s one that fuses extensive experience and passion in singing, with a well traveled, emotional…

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