This week we caught an interview with Hawaii-based musician, author, actor and filmmaker Lyron Foster, to find out more about his creative process and his journey so far as an all-round entrepreneur. Here’s how it went. * * * Hey – thanks for the interview, how are things where you are right now? Things are … Continued


Rapture is aptly named as it’s something of a sonic delight, with lots of layers of sound and effects revealing themselves upon multiple listens. Further, each syllable of every word feels like it’s been thought about, and they are squeezed out sparingly in a very light and frothy style, often slightly behind the beat, which feels extra cool.


The whole tune screams purpose and direction and is all about feel. Harmonic relationships are employed on the guitar sounds to build warmth and develop interest, though the whole arrangement of Realise also (for me) replicates a transmission that’s broken, hypnotic and dirty, and no less urgent for all of that.

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