Topically relevant and socially conscious, the k, thanks podcast showcases inspiring women who talk openly and confidently about a variety of topics relating to contemporary life in the Western world.

Designed for and dedicated to reminding listeners not to suffer bull-sh*t or waste their time with insecurities, Under The Bodhi Tree is a brilliantly relatable, refreshing and honest look at what really matters in life, and what it takes to find true happiness and self-belief.

The Third World Gaijins, otherwise known as The TWG, host this uniquely topical, global conversation podcast, and it proves to be one that touches on a number of topics that the vast majority of other shows tend to steer away from. Though only a couple of episodes in, the two hosts – from India and … Continued

For any and all dreamers and hard-workers who want a little more of a look into the realities of self-employment, or – in other words – How to thrive and survive the ugly statistics of small business failure rates – This is the place to be.

Select any one of the 14 episodes already available online, and you’ll be immediately immersed in a conversation that details the specific data from behind the scenes of some of the most successful and fastest rising companies from across the globe.

Digging deep into the stories that reveal the most morally corrupt & emotionally warped individuals, episodes tackle a plethora of somewhat untold real-life events that are certain to hold your attention & leave you feeling notably unsettled.