Perhaps the most detailed and actionable of its kind, the show digs deep into a variety of topics designed to help you bridge the gap between Human Resource systems and business strategies.

Talking topics directly related to their own experiences within the dating scene in San Francisco, the pair lead with unedited realness, yet they still manage to come through as respectful and genuinely likable – making the show an easy hit, and a great way to fill the silence as you go about your day.

Avengers Endgame – Expect fan theories from numerous different perspectives, the best of the best from the vastness of the internet, as well as Tom and Jim’s own interpretations of what could be on the way. 

Simone Salmon hosts the brand new podcast Messages From The Other Side – a show that digs deep into paranormal encounters and questions regarding the spiritual world. A renowned and well-practiced Psychic Medium, Simone leads with a host of personal experiences ranging from her work with numerous clients to her own individual meetings with voices … Continued

Bruh Issa Murder is an independent podcast that sees the hosts discuss different true-crime topics each episode, relating to people of colour and the LGBTQ+ communities among them.

Surviving your twenties is tricky, it’s a complex time of life where you’re no longer a teenager within the comfort of your parents’ influence, but you’re also probably not quite ready to consider yourself a fully-fledged adult. Enter Jonah & Joe – their honesty, their carefree way with conversation & their seemingly light-hearted approach to life itself, makes for a listening experience that’s likely to be immediately calming for many, and bizarrely relatable.