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The Most Compelling Music Genres to Listen to While Studying


Music and education comprise a broad topic each, and the blend of these two notions is just being researched these days.

In this article, we’ll cover the most useful information that may help you to set up the best playlist for studying. It does not matter whether you are a first-year college attendee, a graduate student, a scholar, or a working person engaged in distance learning.

Our bet is – you must be facing the situation when the abundance of academic paper due very soon strikes back. This is when a person requires all the means one can get. 

Some go as far as to delegate the tasks to a third party, but even if you are cooperating with the best custom dissertation writing, the step of browsing the written work is inevitable. Any scholarly work is – let’s be honest – dull and rather tedious. That is when it is time to add some music!

Researchers have long been studying the benefits of music with regard to one’s mood and its ability to control anxiety, stress, or sleep. 

According to neuromusicology specialists, music activates areas of the brain that are key to enhancing cognitive and motor learning. When it comes to music listening during the study, the point is to choose the right playlist. 

Set Up the Right Playlist

The importance of creating a playlist is based on the fact that we are used to selecting a new song every five minutes. By making a proper playlist, you can enjoy your brilliant taste, and more importantly, stay focused. 

The ideal duration of the playlist is two hours. Once it’s finished, it will be high time for a cup of tea! 

A lot of music playlists for studying are already there waiting for you on Spotify. So, go through them, and you will find a wide variety of options dedicated to this single activity. Check the ‘Mood States‘ section that can offer a massive range of different genres for study, and choose wisely. 

If classic is what favors your concentration, the ‘Intense Studying’ list is the most appropriate — formed by about 100 songs by classical composers such as Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Vivaldi, Handel, and the stars of today such as David Lang. 

There is also the ‘Instrumental Study’ list, with 40 chill-out songs, which, as defined by its creator, will allow you to keep “all the attention on the task at hand.” 

For moviegoers, Spotify has specialized playlists such as ‘Soundtrack for Study.’ This one consists of more than 60 instrumental themes from films. 

There is also ‘Reading Soundtrack,’ with about 70 calm songs and OST’s, or ‘Acoustic Concentration,’ formed by 30 songs without lyrics, only with an acoustic guitar base.

As you can see, the field is broad; you just need to pick a direction.

What Types of Music Are Best to Turn On When Memorizing?

All experts agree that music to memorize must be calm and harmonious. Therefore, the first option that comes to mind is a classical collection. It is not advisable to use songs with lyrics, as the words can distract us quite frequently. 

Don Campbell coined the famous term the Mozart effect, which is all about the positive impact that classical music has on the body and mind, favoring creativity, especially in children. Therefore, if you like this style, it’s an excellent choice to study to.

Instrumental music, especially piano accompanied by ambient sounds of nature, also causes tranquility and benefits the learning processes. We can even opt for electronic music like chill-out, which balances the activity of the hemispheres of the brain and produces effects similar to the ones described above.

Music to Prepare for Exams

What is the best music to study for exams? Before answering this question, we must warn that many factors can limit one’s performance during the studying process. For example, you may be tired, there can be some distracting noise, you just got up, or you don’t like the task you’re doing. 

Still, sometimes, we’re forced to study in the most adverse conditions.

Therefore, you should carefully choose the playlist to memorize the information while preparing. Take into account your current state. Imagine it is night, and you want to go to bed, but you can’t do it until you finish preparing a project for the institute or university. 

If you decide on light instrumental with water sounds, you will probably end up asleep on the notes. In these cases, better bet on something more enjoyable but not distracting, like classical, which has rhythm changes and melodies that will help you stay awake.

Wrapping Up & The Final Tip

Remember that it’s crucial to select calm and harmonious tracks that improve concentration. Classical or instrumental collections are a recommended option. 

However, it’s not reasonable to pick up the songs with lyrics or tunes that provoke strong emotions. These can hinder your studying.

If what you’re looking for is learning speed, there are tunes especially recommended for those who need to memorize very quickly. You can try songs with the tempo between 50 and 80 beats per minute, as those are proven to activate deductive thinking and memory capacity. 

You can use the style that you like, such as piano, ambient, or soft Latin rhythms. But if we opt for classic, then choose either the Adagio (with 60 to 66 beats per minute) or the Larghetto (ranging from 66 to 76). This bpm explains the success of lo-fi hip hop radio stations! 

The first one has a majestic and slow touch, while the second is a bit more cheerful. However, as we have pointed out above, the perfect choice depends strictly on one’s mood and surroundings.

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