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Out Of The Shadows (PODCAST)


Grassroots investigator Gemma Hoskins, from Netflix docu-series The Keepers, and Investigative Journalist Shane Waters, join forces to take true crime podcasts and the search for answers to a whole new level.

Standing tall on the belief that no survivor should be left behind, Out Of The Shadows is a podcast that digs deep into the topic of Sister Cathy Cesnik’s unsolved murder and the cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Baltimore.

Out Of The Shadows is a rightfully haunting, unsettling yet insightful and eye-opening podcast, that attempts to explore and discuss events that were previously left unresolved, or in which those who suffered were ultimately swept aside and never given their deserved justice. The show talks about how such horrific incidents and crimes can be left unsolved, how such vast issues can be so effectively covered up, the effects of this, and the ways in which the past can be uncovered and the truth finally laid bare.

A recent episode entitled Part 31.2 : CIA MKUltra (Parts 1 & 2), presents an in-depth discussion with Dr Ross – an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. The conversation is far from comfortable listening – for many, the details revealed are likely to disturb and anger, but again it’s important for the truth to be known in order for justice and a better future, a safer future, to be possible.

Many episodes of Out Of The Shadows rightfully come with a trigger warning, but for those who are keen to know how such atrocities have found ways to take place and to go on for years without being discovered – this is precisely the right place to go.

The recent discussion with Dr Ross is particularly interesting and revealing in a way that can potentially be quite eye-opening for many listeners, and indeed could help pave the way towards a better overall understanding of these issues, the devastation they cause, and again, how we can work towards detecting potential predators and harmful situations in the future.

Those who feel able should absolutely tune in and pay attention to the precise breakdowns of these topics and these events that have been so detrimental to so many.

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