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Steph Saraj The Art Of Letting Go


Fresh from the upcoming EP When Everything Isn’t Enough, scheduled for release on February 14th, Steph Saraj’ single The Art Of Letting Go makes for a smooth and stylish introduction to the project and to the artist’s approach to creativity in general.

The Art Of Letting Go stands tall on the strength of a warm electronic soundscape, a thick and mellow beat, and a series of gorgeously entrancing vocal melodies. There’s a soulful RnB core to the vocal performance, the voice and indeed those scattered around the outer edges add a certain seductive softness to the song – allowing the lyrics to pour through in a genuine and intimate manner; in keeping with the sentiments outlined. In full, this meeting between the melody and the music is beautiful – the sound is fresh yet clearly rooted in both RnB and trip-hop alike – there’s even a dash of hip hop to the weight of that beat and to certain moments of rhythm within the vocal line.

From a writing perspective, the structure of this track is easily effective – when delicacy is needed, the layers fall away and the voice guides you through. At the other side of this, when confidence and energy are needed – the soundscape and the singer rise up in unison. The song offers a sense of empowerment, of overcoming – exemplifying the very idea and art of letting go. It’s a song of strength, and it showcases this in the performance and the artistry of the whole soundscape – not just in the lyrics. As a result, the release has the power to make the listener feel that same sense of possibility and inner power. We often turn to music either for escapism or inspiration, and in this case you get both. The upcoming EP is likely to be well worth exploring.

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