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Steph Saraj Get Stupid ft. DOMtheDESTROYER


Steph Saraj is an artist rightfully refusing to slow down this year. Following a string of releases, the latest to emerge is a hard-hitting single that introduces yet another side to the eclectic and versatile performer.

Seeing Saraj collaborate with DOMtheDESTROYER, Get Stupid is a hip hop anthem with attitude and character. A spacious yet distinctive backdrop, driven by a simple riff, an industrial-style, mildly tribal beat, and plenty of space, accompanies the duo as they perform in a rhythmically entrancing and confident way throughout the track’s sub-three-minute lifespan.

Despite the song’s title, there’s way more of a dark and serious vibe to the finished piece than the phrase perhaps implies. Great production allows minimalism to back up the concept and energy of this track in a striking way. The vocals themselves are even limited, to an extent – a select few lyrics make the final cut, but this proves more than enough to let those central ideas settle in; whilst leaving plenty of room for that EDM-style riff to hit with impact and linger with you long after the music has ended.

Admittedly the rap verses add a little more detail, as well as a worthy display of personality, but this ultimately works in favour of the confident and stylish presentation of the whole thing – the second verse in particular fuses poetry and swagger in a reasonably original way.

You never know what to expect with Steph Saraj, and once again this track seems like a creative step forwards. An easy anthem to get on board with. I look forward to whatever comes next.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Steph Saraj on Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

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