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Producer and DJ Nelox drives with a clear connection to the scene throughout a plethora of original releases to date.

Beginning with the bass-heavy and immersive, late-night hip hop-inspired energy of DEVILZ, there’s already a clear presence about the music – and a clear potential for remix or collaboration at the very same time.

Fast-forward to the fall-away and subsequent drop back into weight and familiarity, and the track easily stands tall on the strength of its own creative rhythm and flavour.

Elsewhere in the collection the BEATS MADE IN SCHOOL EP makes for an absolute must for artists or promoters seeking out creative producers. Featuring a sublime balance between organic layers of acoustic instrumentation and the more electrically-soured side of synth-play and rhythm, along with some mildly familiar, cinematic riffs, the project is an ambient dream to escape into.

Excellent is a beautiful starting point, Boost an aptly energizing piece, and the haunting repeat of 2am works well as a juxtaposed example of darkness and contemplation. As artistically free as ever, yet firmly rooted within the knowledge of what works amidst a broader audience – what connects, and what keeps you listening.

In contrast again is the decidedly colourful, mainstream pop-ready ambiance and uplift of Polarity – a collaborative single with SCTRS. Working boldly in favour of versatility, there’s no stone left unturned – no detail out of reach, no aspect of music production too overwhelming to toy with.

This final track drops in with a stunning instrumental hit, proving blissfully euphoric, energizing, motivational, as its halfway mark strikes with unmissable impact – and later a fierce hit of industrial dubstep for further unorthodox intensity.

A briefly gentle yet engaging, satisfying wash of originality and creative freedom. Well worth a listen at volume. A personal favourite for its embrace and unpredictability alike, yet still just a fragment of what’s available from Nelox across the board.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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