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An impressive follow up to his debut FR*40, FRFRFR! also marks an engaging introduction to the colourful yet deeply thoughtful artist that is MatrixFR.

Featuring some likably creative production from AyeNeon, Nick Mira, Addux and AntoneNow, the project leads with a distinctive vocal from MatrixFR, and a fair balance between conceptual weight and a more laid-back, simplistic approach to crafting bars. 2021 does precisely this, addressing the turmoil and uncertainty, the potential optimism, in a truthful way, and for these reasons it connects.

Crisp vocal stylings allow for a welcomed alternative to the auto-tune-heavy sound of the scene from recent years. MatrixFR keeps things genuine, both as a performer and a lyricist.

Bathroom Sun follows the opener and features a varied flow that feels somewhat freestyle-like on occasion. Then there’s the sudden weight and pace of a decidedly honest, personal outpouring for Philly & Tokyo. By now the voice has character, it’s recognisable, and MatrixFR has done well to revel in this quality.

Virgil Abloh offers another fresh and unpredictable flow, with similar production to keep the mood easy going amidst this fusion of intense and chilled out references.

The closer is BURNOUT, a track that intrigues for its title and the sudden drama of the soundscape. The vocal is equally intense, the story subtly screams out for attention, captivating for the scenes set by these meandering bars. The energy rises up and falls back, stylistically in tune with the unveiling of the concept.

A strong way to finish, and a project that holds true to the artist’s own creative intentions and personality.

EP out February 26th – Grab it here. Check out MatrixFR on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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