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Captain Graveyard Ludens (Bring Me The Horizon)


Bursting onto the new year scene with a superb balance between softly emotive, soulful, passionate and gritty vocals, and a sense of intensity and instrumental weight – perfectly in tune with the original appeal and angst of the band in question – Captain Graveyard’s cover of a Bring Me The Horizon hit makes for a stunning start to the year.

Captain Graveyard bring through an exciting sound. This doesn’t feel like a cover, it feels like original work. This ability to storm at speed along the line between heavy metal and electronic experimentation is rarely showcased to such an impressive degree. And at the same time, these vocals meander from delicacy to power, gathering momentum throughout, and uniting with the rising weight of the music in a fully immersive, mighty fashion.

As a band, Captain Graveyard are swiftly beginning to make waves. Pristine musical abilities ride alongside unwavering levels of drive and direction, offering creatively expressive, loud yet thoughtful, poetic releases that rain down in a genuine and contemporary way. Don’t Trust Me is all of this, and a fine second single to explore at volume if you’re new to their work.

The band successfully blend infectious, satisfying melodies, with the force and fire of post hardcore, hard rock, metal, and everything that alt-rock fans seek out when turning towards music as absolute escapism. The band sing softly when necessary, craft their lyrical structures in considerate ways, and then scream out on your behalf whenever the concept reaches its peak.

A superb group, I look forward to hearing more – and hopefully catching a live show this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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