Jett Jones - "I want to highlight the values of honesty, humility, and hard work." - Stereo Stickman

Jett Jones “I want to highlight the values of honesty, humility, and hard work.”


Indianapolis artist and rapper Jett Jones stopped by for a chat about his new singles and his journey into music. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Jett – thanks for the interview! For those who don’t know, how long have you been making music, and how did you first get into it?

Hi, I’ve been making music for about 8 years now! I got into it randomly one day when I was wondering how to make beats. After a few google searches I was on my way.

All of your music has a unique sound to it – these organic instrumentals, the depth and tone of your voice – both Memories and Believe It showcase these qualities well. Do you produce your own music, or play any instruments?

I actually have taken a step back from producing to focus on songwriting and audio engineering. I used to play the trombone in a high school band so I’ve been pretty familiar with music theory for a long time.

What can you tell us about the single Believe It, what does it mean for you?

Believe It is a triumphant track that also speaks on dealing with loneliness and shortcomings in the past and how I got to where I am now.

What was life like for you growing up in a military family, and how do you think your experiences impacted your personality and your dreams?

As a kid it was kind of difficult at times just because for most of my childhood we were moving every other year. However, I think that lifestyle gave me a lot of perspective and allowed me to experience a lot of different cultures.

As far as my personality and dreams, I think my parents and the kind of great people they are had the biggest impact. They’ve always supported my biggest dreams and instilled good values.

Who or what would you say has been your greatest influence?

I’d say my parents are my greatest influence from a personal standpoint.

You touch on a lot of personal, emotional topics in your music – another quality that helps set you apart. What are the main values you want to bring to the hip hop world?

I want to highlight the values of honesty, humility, and hard work. I try to be 100% authentic with my music by sharing my life experiences.

Is live performance a big part of your plans, and if so – what would be your dream venue or event to perform at?

It’s definitely something I want to continue to improve at because it’s that chance to really connect with the fans in person. My dream venue would have to be Staples Center!

What’s the music scene generally like in Indianapolis, before the pandemic of course?

It’s super underrated and I feel like it’s up to us Indianapolis artists to draw more attention to the scene.

You’ve amassed an impressive following online already, what do you think were the main steps you took in order to build a career as an indie artist?

I think the main thing is maintaining a close relationship with the fans and really involving them with the whole process. Without them none of this would be possible.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to continue dropping music monthly and I really look forward to performing live again after the pandemic!

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I’d like to give a big s/o to everyone who’s been supporting me!

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