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How Indie Bands Can Advertise Like Rock Stars


If you’re a regular reader, you may recall that last fall we wrote an article about how musicians can find their audience. The basic idea was that it’s more important to reach your natural fans than to try to build your music or your band with an aim toward gaining followers. There are people out there for every kind of music and every type of band, and with the right style and outreach, you can make sure they find and latch onto your sound.

In that article, we talked about ideas like Twitter outreach and working with blogs and websites that cover music. These are wonderful steps to take to get your music out there a little bit. But in this post, we’re going to look at some bolder steps that indie or up-and-coming musicians could take to advertise and expose themselves like established rock stars.

Upload Music To Popular Platforms

This may sound like an obvious step, but amateur musicians may not realize how many options they actually have. It’s a given at this point that platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud can host music by pretty much anyone who takes the time to upload content. But you can also take steps to make your music available through more professional programs. Many don’t realize that you can complete an application to upload music to iTunes, for instance, or that it’s pretty easy to distribute your music on Spotify.

These steps are ultimately more about sales than exposure, but in any business relying on fans or consumers, it’s important to have available content. If you’re working on getting your name out there, you want to make sure that your name will come up wherever fans search for it. And that means just like an established band or star musician, you should have your music available on popular platforms.

Film A Documentary

It may sound slightly pretentious if you’re just starting out or if you consider yourself a local musician. Then again, most every major artist has a documentary or two, usually as a means of showing behind-the-scenes footage and revealing the creative process behind the music. These are fun to look at for a big band you’ve been a fan of for years—but wouldn’t they also be fun regarding bands you’re just finding out about? Documentaries are fundamentally educational, and as you’re trying to get your name out there, they can make for a great way to teach fans what you’re all about.

Don’t think of it like a professional, full-length film. Instead, imagine short documentaries, perhaps uploaded periodically in lieu of blog posts or other types of information. People are consuming more and more video content online, and tweeting these mini-docs out to your fans or posting them on your website is a great way to generate and retain interest.

Try Playing For A Game

Finally, you might consider the fact that more musical acts seem to be turning to gaming as a means of gaining exposure. The trend is mostly occurring among classic rock groups looking to reach new audiences. Guns N’ Roses has allowed NetEnt to create a slot reel that serves as a stellar tribute to the group’s 30th anniversary; Motorhead has a similar slot reel packed with musical content; and even Jimi Hendrix is the subject of another casino game in circulation online.

As an indie artist, you probably can’t secure content like this just yet. But the idea of turning to gaming has some wisdom behind it. A lot of indie game developers are looking for cheap design solutions, and by finding one and offering to supply the soundtrack, you can gain some exposure while solving a problem. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a win-win scenario that not many of your competitors will be exploring.

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